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Roland Big Boy

Roland Big Boy
Big Boy A

The versatile and sturdy transporter

The Roland Big Boy is our most popular bicycle trailer with over 100,000 trailers sold throughout Europe. It is designed to be simple to use, uncomplicated, robust and sturdy allowing many years of use without the need for major maintenance.

The Big Boy is ideal for many tasks including picnics, trips to your local DIY store and is also a firm favourite amongst gardeners.

Incorporated into the towarm are handles allowing it also to be used as a handcart adding to its versatility.

What's included with the Roland Big Boy bicycle trailer:

  • High quality thermo plastic box with lid.
  • Tow ball style hitch.
  • Hebie universal adaptor allowing the hitch to be fitted to the bicycles seatpost.

All spare parts are readily available separately for future maintenance and peace of mind.

Roland tow ball hitch
The Roland tow ball style hitch

Roland Big Boy
Big Boy B


Big Boy A
High hitch


Big Boy B
High hitch/quick change


Big Boy D
Low towarm/quick change


All Big Boy trailers include hitch, box and lid.

Roland towarm options

How to order

Technical data

  • Box dimensions outside:
    ca. 78 x 48 x 32 cm
  • Box dimensions inside:
    ca. 72 x 42 x 31 cm
  • Empty weight about 12 kg
  • Cargo load about 90 litres
  • Payload max. 40 kg when used as a bicycle trailer
  • Payload max. 100 kg when used as a hand trolley
  • 16“spoke wheels with tyres and inner tubes