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Roland Carrie S

Roland Carrie S

The sporty-fast trolley for trips and daily use.

Versatile – designed for many different purposes. It is the ideal companion for every day life and on trips. For the daily or the weekly shopping. For camping or sports equipment. For the luggage on longer bicycle trips. For use as a bicycle trolley or a manual trolley.

Carrie S

Easy to handle

The ball bearing wheels are easy to attach and detach through the push of a button. The towarms can be adjusted to their correct position for the bicycle- or manual use in no time at all, without using extra tools.

Versatile and flexible

Carrie S can also be used as a manual trolley.  Thanks to the slim construction, it can be taken directly into the house or into the garage – it even fits easily through supermarket cash registers and backyard doors. 

Safe and robust – with low towarm and Weber EL-coupling – the Carrie S enables a comfortable and problem-free driving on asphalt as well as on country roads. This combination is especially suited for trekking and holiday cyclists. For the coarser terrain, the high towarm and Weber EL-hitch offer especially safe and comfortable handling.

Price: £327.00

Silver bag: £85.00

Roland towarm options

How to order

Carrie S
Standard equipment:

  • Frame-platform: aluminum/Nirosta double-cross-frame, powder-coated
  • Base plate/cargo area: highly durable plastic, fiberglass reinforced with SnapOn Clicksystem, with anti-glide nubs
  • Towarm: WEBER low towarm system (fits almost every bicycle)
  • Coupling device: Weber EL-coupling system
  • Wheels: 16" spoke wheel with Nirosta spokes shaft hubs, black with sealed deep-groove ball bearings to attach and detach
  • Tyres: Schwalbe Big Apple 50-305 mm with break-down security + reflector strips

Technical data

  • Base plate: about 630 mm long x 440 mm wide – including wheel 600 mm wide
  • Total weight: about 6.2 kg
  • Bicycle payload: limited to 40kg maximum in drive operation due to the thrust.
  • Manual trolley payload: 80 kg maximum

Additional accessories

  • Towarm: high towarm for the use as a manual trolley or for the mounting onto the luggage carrier, aluminum, with hand protection
  • Coupling device: Weber ML-coupling-system for the mounting onto the luggage carrier (fits almost every bicycle)
  • Cargo straps: black with red clamps – with SnapOn Clicksystem
  • Saddle bag: waterproof bag with roll-up closing, 80 liter volume, dimensions 720x450x170 mm, colors: black and silver with SnapOn-Clicksystem
  • Transportation bag: transportation bag for the easy stowage and carrying of the carrie s – color: black with zipper
  • Signal flag: red with flagpole
  • M Light: safety light – for mounting onto the flagpole