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Gazelle Innergy electric bicycle

Gazelle Innergy

Let yourself get ahead

The innovative Gazelle Innergy models give you exactly that extra push you require, completely fine tuned to your personal pedalling power. Battery wise you can choose between Long-lasting (in economical ECO mode) or Powerful during a shorter period (in BOOST mode). The detachable Lithium-Ion battery offers a range of 50 – 75 kilometres (31 – 46 miles) and weighs only 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs). These characteristics make for a sure way to save your personal energy.

Gazelle Innergy (mens)

Always the correct pedalling assistance

The Gazelle Innergy sensor not only registers pedalling movement but also the pressure you apply to the pedals. This information is translated into fluent pedalling assistance without shocks or errors.We can help you choose from 99 possible positions to adjust the degree of assistance to your personal preferences. In other words, pedalling assistance is every bit as adjustable as the handlebar, grips, suspension front fork and suspension seat post of your Innergy bicycle.

  • Elegant bike with closed chain case and power assist.
  • Easy to handle digital display.
  • Lithium-Ion battery and powerful engine; average range 50-75 kilometres (31-46 miles).
  • Detachable battery can be charged while in the bike or at another location.
  • Ladies’ modelavailable with very low and large entry.

Price: £1915

For Gazelle Orange Innergy Xtra T8 as specified below.

How to order


  • 8-speeds with roller brakes and cooling disks
  • 26.7 kg/58.7 Ibs (incl. battery)
  • royal red / grey alumina or night blue / titanium
  • Ladies sizes: 46 | 49 | 53 | 57 | 61 cm (18.1 | 19.1 | 20.7 | 22.2 | 23.8 inch)
  • Men's sizes: 53 | 57 | 61 cm (20.7 | 22.2 | 23.8 inch)

Please note that other Gazelle models are available: contact us for details.