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Roland add+bike

Roland add+bike

The safe trailer

For all children between the ages of 4 and 9. Handlebar and seat post height can be easily adjusted to the size of the growing child.

Add+bike is excellent for safe driving in the traffic-intense city as well as for all small and big bicycle tours.

Due to the use of free-wheel hubs the children can, but do not have to help pedal.

In addition to the safe child on the add+bike, an additional child in its children's seat or daily shopping goods can be transported as well on special luggage carrier on the lead-bicycle.

The intelligent add+bike mobility guarantees optimal safety and promotes active traffic-education!

Add+bike colours

Safe, easy to use and excellent!

Add+bike with the fast and simple 'Click-System' for easy hitch and unhitch is only available in combination with the safe special luggage carrier. Therefore, the additional transportation of a children's seat and/or saddle bags is possible, without any problems.

So that the add+bike can also stand safe without the lead-bicycle, a strong and safe two-legged-stand is available as well. Due to the safe standing the add+bike can be parked and secured safely, alone as well as together with the lead-bicycle.

A special luggage carrier makes sure that you can also transport on the add+bike what the children love and value the most.

Add+bike is available in three different gear versions and in the colours red, green and blue.

Safety first!!

Due to the ease of the 'Click-System', the add+bike is mounted quickly and safely with a 'click' onto the special carrier of the lead bicycle

The smart mounting of the add+bike and the short level length enable a very good and safe driving behavior compared to the trailer of other manufacturers, which are mounted in the area of the seat post.

Further advantages: The add+bike lead bicycle can be used for an additional children's seat or saddle bags. And due to the short bracket, it can be stored anywhere without a problem.


Read a review of the Add+Bike by VeloVision Magazine (PDF)

Be on the safe side – with add+bike by Roland!


ECO- 1-gear, red, green or blue frame, incl. back-rack


3-gear, red, green or blue frame, incl. back-rack


Delivery to UK mainland


Extra back-rack + hitch for adult bike


2-legged stand for add+bike, black


Rear rack for child's add+bike, black incl. reflector


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