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We stock bicycle trailers for every need, including shopping, load carrying and carrying your children. We also sell trailer bikes, first bikes for children, electric bikes and box bicycles.

We have been a specialist bike trailer supplier since 1985. We can give you lots of advice about using your bicycle trailer, which bike trailer to choose, the safety aspect of child bicycle trailers, and so on.

As we are primarily a mail-order company, and we attend exhibitions here and in Europe, we are not always here to receive callers. It is therefore essential that you telephone ahead if you need to visit our premises. The best way to contact us is by email:

Bicycle trailers for children

Our child trailers hold one or two children in safety and comfort.
Bike trailers for children

Bike trailers for shopping and loads

We supply a range of load and shopping trailers to suit every need.
Trailers for shopping and loads

Bicycle trailers for dogs and pets

There's no need to leave your best friend at home when you go riding
Bike trailers for dogs

Bike-Hod bicycle shopping trailer