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Roland Carrie M2

Carrie M2

The trunk on the bicycle

Carrie M2 by Roland – one intelligent transportation solution for the bicycle market. Modular construction and multifunctional in its use.

Extremely light weight yet very durable, it can be loaded with more than 40kg as a bicycle trolley and more than 100 kg as a hand trolley.

10 good reasons:

  • smooth and pleasant ride
  • very good loading capacity
  • low center of gravity
  • easy to load
  • fits through all doors
  • modular construction
  • simple handling
  • light weight
  • tow-arm for manual and drive operation
  • for all transportation purposes.

The options with the M2 are: basic model (with suspension). Then It is possible to add any number of sets of sides which stack on top of the previous set. Or just a set of rails, or rails on top of one set or many sets of sides. There is a choice of hard top with securing clips or soft top (red) with elasticated sides. The tow arm can be removed with a push button/twist mechanism to a centre socket to act as a walk arm/hand cart - to which can be added a T bar.


Carrie M base model: £356.00

Base model + 1 set of sides: £556.00

Extra sides: set of 4: £212.00

Rails: £85.00

T-bar pulling handle: £80.00

Lid and catches: £129.00

Soft red elasticated cover: £43.50

Roland towarm options

How to order


  • Overall length including towarm ca. 1400 mm
  • overall width including wheels ca. 800 mm
  • length without towarm or wheels ca. 840 mm
  • width without towarm or wheels ca. 640 mm
  • weight without trolley sides ca. 10.0 kg including wheels and towarm

Trolley sides

  • length ca. 810 mm
  • width ca. 600 mm
  • height ca. 170 mm
  • weight of one trolley side ca. 2.9 kg
  • weight of rail ca. 1.9 kg


  • 16’’ aluminum rim 19-305
  • tyre equipment
  • 16’’ Schwalbe Big Apple
  • with Kevlar inlay and reflection strips
  • 50 - 305 mm
  • weight of 2 complete wheels ca. 2.2 kg


  • length ca. 740 mm
  • weight of towarm ca. 0.6 kg
  • weight of 2 mudguards ca. 0.3 kg